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How to Build an Epic Cheese Board

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

When I got married, I asked my dad to build me a 3ft-long board so I could build the most epic cheese board ever. While I don't expect you to need to serve this much cheese, or have a 3ft board, here are my best tips for building your most epic cheese and charcuterie board.

1. The Cheese:

Start with three: 1 soft, 1 hard, 1 stinky.

My go-to options are a brie (Mt Tam triple cream), a manchego or extra sharp cheddar (Beemster XX), and a blue (Pt. Reyes Blue or Rogue River Blue). But feel free to get creative, or ask the cheesemonger at your local market.

2. The Charcuterie:

Again, go with three: 1 shaved, 1 salami, 1 pate.

Sometimes I skimp here and just go for the first two: shaved (prosciutto, speck or parma hams), any salami is great - I tend to like those that are spicy. If you are in a group that enjoys pate, chicken liver, or mushroom pates are my favorites.

3. The Carriers:

Cheese and meat need something to be carried to your mouth. Slices of firm fruits (apples, pears, half figs) are great options.

A selection of crackers, both gluten-free (Jilz black pepper are my favorite) and full of gluten (Rustic Flatbread is delicious as are Raincoast Crisps). Again, two to three cracker options are great.

Add slices of sourdough bread or rustic baguettes if you have great bread available.

The Extras:

Fill in the spaces with nuts, additional fruits, pickled veggies, olives, radishes, mustards, jams, and honey.

Don't forget knives and forks to pick up the items on the boards, a small bowl for olive and cherry pits, and napkins or small plates for your guests.

If you want to get really fancy, garnish your board with edible flowers.

Add friends and wine, and enjoy your masterpiece!

If you would like me to make these for your event or gathering, please reach out and drop me a note (hello at tiffanysageswan dot com). I would be happy to build your most epic cheese board ever, and let you take all the credit!

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