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A Few Tips for Healthy-ish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is likely my favorite holiday; while the meal itself isn't something I get particularly excited about, I do love that it is based upon gathering with friends and family to enjoy food and one another's company while reflecting on the things we are grateful for. This is a holiday I can get behind!

But Thanksgiving can be a really hard and triggering holiday for many people, including myself.

When I was growing up, I felt it was necessary to get a run in before indulging in the Thanksgiving meal. I would tell myself I needed to "earn" the pie or the plate full of delicious food. I would psych myself out about ensuring I didn't eat too much and would go to bed hungry. Or I would completely over-do it, because that was what was culturally expected, and I would be miserable for a couple of days after - both mentally and physically.

While my relationship with food is much better, it is always a work in progress. So let me share with you some of my tips on a healthy-ish Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Eat what you want and enjoy every bite of it. There is no such thing as one day undoing your healthy lifestyle. There are no good and bad foods.

2. Slow down. Pay attention to what you are eating. Take a moment to think about the food on your fork and those around you.

3. Alternate water with alcohol. You have surely heard this one before, but it bears repeating. The day is long and it is easy to drink more than you typically would. This will not only make you feel less than stellar the next day, but it will also mindlessly add extra calories.

4. Exercise only if you want to and it feels good to you (or if you are a pro athlete and it is part of your job!) - don't do it because you feel like you have to earn the meal or you need to live up to your healthy expectations.

5. Fill your plate with the vegetable dishes and turkey, then fill the spaces left with the carbohydrate-based items (mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls). This will ensure you are getting the magic three components in your meal: protein, fat, and fiber.

6. Most of all, enjoy yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends. I am so grateful to be sharing this day with you!

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