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Have more fun in the kitchen.

You have a busy and full life, and thinking about what to make for dinner is the last thing on your mind.  

But you love food and would like to experience more than your regular repertoire of meals and maybe even cook at home more often.

Learn a culinary skill you have always wanted to master with private cooking classes or interactive dinners.

 Food has the power to create memories, bring friends and family together, and fuel great adventures. 

Enjoy restaurant-style meals that YOU create with custom meal plans designed for your specific preferences, culinary skills, and health goals.

I believe that great ingredients speak for themselves and are best when prepared simply so their true nature can shine through.

Let me take care of everything for you, from heat-and-eat meal prep to full-service special occasions and events, with Private Chef Services.

Whether planning your weekly meals, a festive occasion, or a casual gathering, I will help you create the perfect menus to reflect your specific tastes and occasion.

have more fun in the kitchen

a bit more

Private Chef Services are focused on intimate events and gatherings to bring the enjoyment of dining out to the comfort of your home.

 Meal Plans include menus, shopping lists, prep guides, recipes, and tricks of the trade.

Want to learn even more?  Private Cooking Classes are available in-person or virtually.  


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