Menu and Recipe Development


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Recipe development 

creative and innovative recipes to reflect or feature your brand and engage your guests

focus on seasonal, local, delicious and healthy-ish

specialize in dietary theories and restrictions

Menu development 

you want the perfect menu to reflect your location and style

you want the menu to work perfectly in your space

you want creativity and flavor, but something you know your teams can replicate time and time again

I once had a restaurant operator tell me that they wanted their menu to look like they had a $100K + salaried chef on staff, but they didn't have the budget for said chef.  

this is where I come in: I bring the experience, design, and creativity of a seasoned, high-end chef to your business at a fraction of the price. 


what makes me different

20+ years of experience in a variety of kitchens, including executive chef overseeing 19 restaurants

15 years of product development experience 

collection of over 200 cookbooks to serve as inspiration 

bench trial and food manufacturing experience

expert on food safety and California food code

create efficient and effective menus for your space and the teams,

taking into consideration station loads and volume impact

sourcing, process, and recipes

How it Works

have a food expert at your fingertips


Together we outline your goals......


create recipes and menus based upon your brand's identity, and your needs. 


I deliver a package of documents including but not limited to menus, photos, costing, and other details, as applicable to the project


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