My Story

my story

You love food and especially eating it. 


While eating dinner, you are mentally preparing for breakfast the next day.  You have never forgotten to eat a meal and you read cookbooks like they are romance novels.  

You also want to feel well: light and bright, comfortable in your skin, energetic and passionate. 

I am with you! 

Food has always been a great love for me, and wellness was often something that eluded me. 

However, I had never really put the two together until I had been working 80+ hours a week for several years on end, thinking I would be "fine" because I was running and doing yoga, and drinking my occasional green smoothies.


Despite my efforts, I was falling apart:  unbearable fatigue, extreme brain fog, chronic headaches, feeling bloated and uncomfortable every day, my anxiety through the roof. 


I decided there had to be another way to find wellness.  

So I quit my intense job as Executive Chef and went on a path of holistic wellness discovery.  I learned that wellness is so much more than what we put in our bellies, but it is a great start.  Now I choose to share with you what I have learned and guide you on your own path to health and balance.  

As a chef and nutrition coach, I believe that healthy food can be sexy and fine dining can be healthy.​  I also believe that there is a place for every food in our daily nourishment. 


I can't wait to help you find your healthy, delicious balance.

Tiffany Sage Swan


​Bachelors of Food Science (Human Nutrition Minor), UC Davis

Advanced Culinary Arts Certification, The Culinary Institute of America

Certified Integrative Health Coach, Institute of Integrated Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

Full Body Systems, Functional Nutrition Lab

Level 1 Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers

20+ years in Professional Kitchens

Wife, Adventurer, Trail Runner, and Forever a Student


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